9 natural weed killers that will not murder flowers

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Whether you're starting a garden, or you've had one for a while, you know that gardening comes with many amazing benefits. That being said there are also some not so amazing aspects of gardening including the insects, animals and weeds that infiltrate your precious garden bed. The reason weeds can be such a detriment to our gardens is because they rod the soil of nutrients for the plants you want to grow. Weeds are very opportunistic plants, so they are able to thrive in practically any type of soil and once they get growing, they spread out like wildfire. The most common thing for people to turn to first is perhaps a chemical weed or insect killers like round up or something similar, but these are not only bad for the planet, they're bad humans and animals too. Because of its toxic nature, people are trying to leave it behind and opt for something natural. The good news is, you can kill weeds and keep away insects the all natural way, and there are some awesome simple life hacks to help us out. Tip Hero shares 9 of their favourite simple life hacks for getting rid of weeds without trashing your garden. So whether you grow food or flowers, your beloved plants will be safe from harm. Here are some of the hacks that you can try out in your garden.

1. Vinegar is one of those all-purpose ingredients you want to have on hand at all times. You can seriously use vinegar for everything, including nipping weeds in the bud. Just take some plain white distilled vinegar and pour it directly on the root of the weed you want to kill. The acid in the vinegar will kill the weed at the root which will disable it from growing any further and from spreading out. Just be careful not to get it directly on your other plants.

2. Cornmeal is actually a great preventative measure to stop weeds from growing. Apparently, the proteins in cornmeal will stop seeds from growing so you can just sprinkle some on any area where you don't want weeds or plants to grow, and it will inhibit them from growing. You can also put some on already growing weeds, and it'll stop them in their tracks.

3. Another one of the simple life hacks is to make your own homemade herbicide with all natural ingredients. This will be just as effective as the chemical stuff, but you won't have to worry about the toxins. All you do is mix equal parts of vinegar, salt, and dish soap and put it in a spray bottle, and spray those little suckers to stop them in their tracks. Just mix up some more when you run out. This would be perfect for when you're starting a garden and need to get rid of a bunch of weeds fast.

4. When you're first starting a garden, one of the other simple life hacks is to smother the weeds by blocking the sunlight from getting to them. You can do this with some simple newspaper, which is also a great hack because it recycles old newspapers. Just lay out pieces of the paper all over the area you wish to garden in, and then leave it like that for a while until all the weeds are dead. You can then lay some more soil over top of that, or rake the dead weeds out after removing the paper.

These are just a few of the simple life hacks that will make weeding much easier and more natural for you. For the full list, be sure to visit Tip Hero for all of the hacks.***

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