960 Sqft Ranch Style Log Cabin --- 3 bedroom home with porch --- See the floor plans and more photos

Photo Credit: Coventry Log Homes

Here's a great ranch style log cabin from Coventry Log Homes. This is one of the company's many log cabin designs customers can choose from their collection of small log cabins and larger log houses. The model is called the Braxton, and a kit sells for $59,600 US. It comes from the Tradesman Series of their log cabin designs, and they also have the Craftsman Series, the Cabin Series, the Recreational Series and the Timber Frame Series. The Tradesman Series of log cabin designs includes log homes and cabins at affordable prices. The Braxton is just one of the plans within this series, and others include Fairfield and the Sedona. Braxton is one of the smaller log cabin designs from the series and features 960 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms making for quite a comfortable log cabin. It may even be able to be used as a full-time home as well. The floor plan is nice and simple with everything on one floor. The home enters into the living room off of the 6 foot by 16 foot porch on the front of the house. Then, the master bedroom is just off to the right of the living room and the dining room and kitchen are behind the living room. Down a short hallway to the left of the living area are the other two bedrooms which share a bathroom and the master bedroom has a bathroom all to itself.

You can see some examples of the finished product in other people's builds too, even though this won't be exactly what yours will look like when it's finished, you can get an idea of what one of the Braxton models would look like. You can make adjustments to the floor plan and design of any of the log cabin designs from the company or you can even create your very own custom floor plan. One of the most beautiful aspects of this design are the exposed beams in the living room area and the vaulted ceilings that add so much height to the space. You can also get some inspiration for how to decorate your own log cabin or home when it's completed. Of course, log Furniture in a log cabin is always going to look great. Not only will it look great, it will be very durable too and last just as long as your cabin will. You can also go with a more modern decor style too which looks great in a log cabin or home. Perhaps more of a minimalistic Scandinavian style of decor that still uses natural materials, but looks more sleek and modern.

Coventry Log Homes is a great company to choose for building the log cabin or home of your dreams. They have been in business for more than twenty years giving them a lot of experience in the industry. The company is also family run as well which makes it a friendly company too. They have over 60 models available to choose from, so it's a good idea to go through all of them and see which ones stand out the most to you. Even if you're not going to go with this company for your log cabin building needs, you can still become inspired by some of their beautiful log cabin designs. You can also start sketching out your own design ideas to get the ball rolling of your own project and then bring them to a local log home builder in your area to help you bring them to reality. Enjoy having a closer look at the Braxton log cabin design and see what you think of it.***

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