9-Year Old Girl Builds Tiny Homes from Scratch for the Homeless

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

This 9-year old girl builds tiny homes from scratch for the homeless. Some people are born with a generous and giving nature and this girl is certainly one of them. Hailey Fort is making news across the nation with her generous plans and building schemes. She has plans to design and build small homes for homeless people.

Supported by grants, donated materials and other partners, Hailey has designed a little home that is complete with a front door, windows, reading lamp and enough space to move about in. The home measures eight feet across by four feet wide. It is a space large enough to provide protection from the wind, snow and rain and other elements as well as give a place for homeless people to sleep.

Hailey started on her helpful entrepreneurial way when she started donating the proceeds from her garden to the local food bank. There, she met a man who had lost his job and had nowhere to sleep, stay warm, or feel secure. That set Hailey on the job of figuring out how to make his life more comfortable. That is when she came up with the idea of building small homes for people who had nowhere to go.

A local church will be the first place to set up the small shelters. Hailey has plans to build 12 of the units this year. She also still grows vegetables in her garden and hopes to be able to donate even more goods this year than last year. Hailey also plans to raise money to provide toiletries and personal hygiene products as well as coats to people who need them.

The website offers a link where you can offer to help Hailey with a donation and also read more about this astonishing young girl who really wants to lend a helping hand. The story is inspirational reading for anyone who wishes they could do more, and doesn’t quite know where to start. Read this story today.

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