A 16x24 foot log cabin with all the modern comfort of home!

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Just by looking at this log cabin from the outside you may not think that it would have everything it has within. This is one of the log cabins from The Big Hole at J&J Cabins in Salmon, Idaho near Beaverhead Deerlodge National Park and also close to Yellowstone park. This is the place to come for some adventure and for those who love to be out in nature. The log cabin is one of three small log cabins in the grouping, all managed by the same owners John and Kimberly. The Big Hole Cabin has a beautiful view of the Beaverhead Mountains and horse pastures. Guests can even bring their own horses along for the trip and keep them in the pasture close by. On the outside, the cabin looks quite rustic, but then on the inside, there are all of the amenities any regular modern home would have. So staying there would be very comfortable and you'd feel right at home. There is a full kitchen with everything needed to cook meals. There's even a shared washer, and dryer guests can use as well for longer stays. There is also a picnic area with a barbecue for guest use. So you could cook all of your meals right at the cabin during your stay. For warmer months, there is an air conditioner to keep you cool, and for rainy days there is a TV with cable to watch on your downtime. They will give you all of the linens including towels and sheets, even soap and toilet paper.

There is a large glass shower stall in the log cabin as well as a modern sink and vanity with a flush toilet for a modern bathroom. Having a real bathroom is always a good thing even when you're staying in a cabin. Many people prefer to have the same or similar amenities to home, so it's not such a drastic change in their everyday comforts. For those who really like to rough it, there are other log cabins out there that can be rented that have fewer amenities to make it a bit more rustic like it would have been in the old days. The owners are available by text, and they are just a short walk away. Even though there are other small log cabins within close proximity to this log cabin, there is lots of privacy between them. If you're thinking of buying or building your own log cabin or house, what better way to see how you like them by staying in a few different sizes and log cabin designs.

This log cabin features full, round logs and as you can see, the logs are round on the inside and the outside of the house. You can also choose a D-log profile which would give you the classic rounded log look on the outside of the cabin but a flat wall on the inside. Many people choose that type of log cabin design to make decorating easier since it's easier to hang art on flat walls as opposed to rounded log walls. Others prefer the rounded logs because of their insulative properties. Full logs provide more natural insulation than half logs which allows the building to retain heat. This is great for maintaining the temperature inside the log cabin as well as saving money too. It also works reversely in the summertime when it's hotter by keeping the hot air outside of the cabin and keeping the air within cool. Enjoy looking at the photos of this beautiful log cabin and check out some other log cabin designs through Airbnb to get some inspiration.***

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