A Brand New Deck Without The High Costs

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When it comes to our homes our decks and patios get just as much use as the interior of our home. If your deck is looking like it has seen better days, you can get yourself A Brand New Deck Without The High Costs. We all know how expensive a deck can be to rebuild or build from scratch, so this tutorial will come in really hand for keeping the deck you already have. The tutorial comes from Home Spot, a great blog with tons of tutorials and how-to information. When your deck was first built, you most likely painted it or stained it a colour that you liked at that time, and if you painted it the paint may be wearing off due to weather and sun exposure and general use. Giving your deck a nice fresh coat of paint or a nice sand and a stain can bring back life to the deck. The method that Anne Davis from Home Spot teaches us, does take some time and work, but in the end your deck will look absolutely amazing. As you can see in these photos on the Home Spot website, the before and after results are just incredible.

Many people love their decks and spend a lot of time on them in the summer or warmer months. These days, people also create nice outdoor living rooms on their decks that serve to give them plenty of comfort when lounging outside. It makes for a great place to entertain guests and to unwind after a long day at work, to barbecue and enjoy beautiful meals that everyone will enjoy. Building a deck can add a lot more value on your home as well. If you are building a deck from scratch you need to think about the design and size of deck you want, as well as the type of wood you want to use to build it. Usually pine or cedar is used to build decks and their wood railings, cedar can be expensive so people tend to go with pine or another type of soft wood. You will firstly want to design your deck in a way that matches the rest of your home. So you can choose from a number of deck railing styles to match up with the look of your home.

The different deck railing styles out there include just a plain wood railing or sometimes no railing at all for a more modern look. But it is important to check with local building codes to make sure you install railings if you need to. Other deck railing styles include glass railings that are framed with metal, or all metal railings which look really nice and modern. There are also railings made out of wood and rope or wood and wire for a unique look. Again, the best thing to do is build your deck railings with the current style of your house and how it looks now. Enjoy some of the other great house cleaning tips and advice on the Home Spot blog.***

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