A Delicious Spring Treat: Make Your Own Lemon Fudge

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Who says all fudge has to be chocolate? This fudge is far from the type of fudge you might be used to because it contains no dark or milk chocolate and it tastes like lemons. This perfectly zesty lemon fudge is made with white chocolate chips, creamy marshmallow fluff and lemon for a fresh take on the classic recipe for fudge candy. It's also very vibrant in colour too making it perfect for spring or summer. Usually, fudge is one of those easy desserts people make when they want something really sweet and satisfying and typically fudge has regular dark chocolate in it. There are some other recipes for fudge candy that include white chocolate in them but they usually also contain rich flavours like chocolate cookies or caramel, but not usually fruity flavours. The first recipes for fudge candy are said to have been made back around 1886. Emelyn Battersby Hartridge wrote in a letter that she bought fudge for just 40 cents a pound in back in 1886 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York and decided to make her own in 1888 at a school fundraiser. Then in 1893 another letter from a different student attending Vassar College was written containing the ingredients for fudge. They were sugar, butter, chocolate, and milk and an official recipe for fudge candy was published in the Sun in 1895.

As the confection became more popular at Vassar College, other women's colleges began to catch on and make their own versions of fudge recipes. Now, you can find fudge in most grocery stores, and it's also usually sold at kiosks in malls and at fairs and festivals. Fudge is similar to a fondant which is a sugary type of icing that is used to decorate fancy cakes. Making good fudge requires you to have control over the crystallization of the sugar, so it's important to add the sugar in at the right time in the recipe, so it turns out to be nice and smooth. If it's added too soon, it can result in a grainier texture which won't make for smooth fudge. Unlike the regular recipes for fudge candy, this recipe includes citric acid which gives foods a tart flavour. You can usually get citric acid at health food stores or baking stores and sometimes at the grocery store. If you can't find you can also order some online for a very affordable price, and you can use it for different recipes, and you can also use it as a natural cleaner too. Citric acid is great for hard water stains since the acid will break down the hard minerals that cause the stains. Plus, it takes a pretty long time for it to go bad so you can keep it around for a while.

Besides the marshmallow fluff, the white chocolate and the citric acid you'll also need some unsalted butter, sour cream, salt, lemon oil or lemon extract, lemon zest, and some yellow food colouring if you want to make it nice and bright as shown on The Spruce Eats. If you don't want to use yellow food colouring, you could try out some natural food colouring which you should be able to find at a health food store, or you could mix a very small amount of turmeric in some warm water and use that as a yellow dye. You shouldn't taste too much of the tumeric since it will be properly diluted and there will be a lot of other flavours that will cover it up. Try out this easy dessert and other easy desserts from The Spruce Eats.***

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