A German Cheesecake Recipe

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This German cheesecake recipe uses ricotta rather than cream cheese and has both a bottom crust and top crust for a unique take on the cheesecake. It is also one of the best baking recipes because the pastry isn’t rolled, but rather is so buttery that you can just press in into your pie dish by hand. If you would like an easy and delicious dessert to prepare for your next special occasion treat, this ricotta cheesecake recipe, while incredibly easy, is also elegant enough to show off as a plated dessert. You also won’t be finding yourself spending that much time in the kitchen, because this chocolate cheesecake recipe takes moments to assemble and under an hour to bake. Once done, it is just a matter of chilling the pie recipe until set, as you would with traditional cheesecake.

Although this is a German cheesecake recipe, most German cheesecake recipes are prepared with Quark, rather than ricotta. Ricotta is an Italian cheese while Quark is a German cheese prepared in a similar way to ricotta and cottage cheese and with a similar grainy texture. Also, unlike North American cheesecake recipes, German Kasekuchen recipes use a pastry for the bottom rather than a graham cracker crust. One of the things that make this easy cheesecake recipe so interesting is that it includes a pastry dough recipe with cocoa powder in it for a rich, chocolate crust. Two-thirds of the chocolate pastry dough recipe is pressed into a glass pie dish while the remaining third is frozen until firm and grated over the top of the cheese filling for a chocolate speckled appearance. When pressing the chocolate dough into the pie dish, it doesn’t matter too much what it looks like since it will get covered by the cheese mixture, but if you would like a smoother look, consider pressing the bottom of a glass that has been greased onto the dough. Greasing the glass will prevent sticking and tearing of the dough, and the pastry should look flat and smooth as though you rolled it.

Fancy but easy desserts are the way to go when you have company coming over because chances are you will have a lot of other dishes in the oven or on your stovetop when guests arrive. Having a gorgeous cheesecake recipe in the refrigerator that can be prepared well in advance of the event helps when you have plenty of last minute prep to accomplish. Cool recipes for dessert, like this one, provide a conversation starter because it is likely that your guests won’t have seen a cheesecake recipe quite like this one before.

German cheesecake recipes will have a denser texture to North American cheesecakes, and the hint of lemon zest is a signature flavor. Although this cheesecake will be perfect on its own if you require quick desserts, consider plating it with some fresh berries and cream for an elegant finish. Thank you to Iryna, the author of ‘Busy Mum’s Notes’ recipe blog, for sharing her gorgeous German cheesecake recipe with us.

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