A Simple, Effective Remedy For Pet Stains On Carpets

Photo Credit: One Good Thing By Jillie

Does it sometime seem like we clean up more after our pets than we even do our kids? Try this out, a simple, effective remedy for pet stains on carpets, and see if it does not make your life a little cleaner.

We love our pets almost as much as we love our kids (and on some days, even more) but they can make us just as crazy. Kids and pets love to run in and out, wagging their tails, or stretch up and scratch our legs in a loving embrace. Or, they just get sick, and let us know all over the carpet that whatever they found and gobbled up outside? probably was not the best idea. Or, we forget to let them outside, or the litter box just is not clean enough for Miss Lizzie, and we find their little responses to our negligence on the pet stains on the carpets. These are just some of the ways our furry friends make us love them.

It is possible to get stains out of carpets, even the light colored ones. If the stain re-appears later, you can repeat the process again to clean it. If the stain re-appears, it just means there is more of the special doggie or kitty contribution still in the carpet. Often it is worth the time, effort and cost, to spot clean the carpet, and then rent a commercial carpet cleaner and clean the whole carpet. This is an eco-friendly and cost effective remedy to remove pet stains on carpets that you will print out and paste on your cupboard as long as you have pets (or kids). Because the fact of the matter is, kids and pets are walking natural disasters just waiting to happen on our carpets (sigh . . . smile). And don’t we just love them more for it.

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