A Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist

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If you want to thoroughly neaten up your home and do a Spring cleaning, but don’t know what to do, this checklist is for you. Sometimes it is very hard to get up and perform a task that needs doing, but a checklist always helps, because you will know what needs accomplishing and as you tick off the list, you will feel even more motivated to keep going. This cleaning list comes from Kelly, that author of The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking lifestyle blog, where she provides regular household cleaning tips. Many of the tasks Kelly places on her checklist are things that won’t cross most people’s minds, like washing trim or doorknobs, but these jobs will make all the difference in creating a sparkling home. If you are motivated to do a thorough home cleaning from top to bottom, this checklist is worth checking out.

Rather than employing professional cleaning services to perfect your home, you will now know all the tricks to taking your home to the next level. This checklist may appear overwhelming, but many of the cleaning jobs on it are simple ones, and as long as you have all your household cleaning supplies in one place, you will be able to get them done quickly. Similar to cooking, it is best and most efficient to get all the materials required in one place so that you can simply clean and not have to go searching for them when you are in the middle of a task. Items you may require are a mop, bucket, broom, gloves, cloths, vacuum, and homemade cleaning solutions. If you aren’t one hundred percent certain of the materials you will need, take a look through Kelly’s checklist and think about the items required to complete each task. Consider writing each item down and use that as a checklist for getting organized before cleaning.

When it comes to home cleaners, no two products are the same. In fact, it is best to stay away from chemical cleaners all together, because they can be harmful to both humans and animals. Instead, look into some natural cleaning solutions, like home mixtures including baking soda, water or vinegar. Often these items have the power to cut through dirt and grease, and sanitize surfaces, without the harshness of chemicals.

Kelly has provided such an intensive list, including cleaning window screens, polishing tables and sharpening knives in the kitchen. Besides implementing her list once per year, consider using it before having guests over for holiday dinners to make sure you have everything just how you like it. Even doing a couple of steps from the list each week through the year will make Spring cleaning much easier and less overwhelming by the time it comes. You could also have this list at the ready for when you move into a new home and want everything spotless before decorating. Thank you to Kelly, the author of The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking for sharing her Spring cleaning checklist with us.

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