Above all, he wanted an open, airy layout for his log home ...check out this one!

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Jay Forge wanted an open-concept space with bright lighting when he started planning to build his home. Now he has an amazing log house, and it is better than he could have imagined. The home sports extra high ceilings and tall windows to allow for optimum lighting. It also features an open concept kitchen and living area on the main floor. If you have wanted to build a home yourself, but have been concerned about obtaining a design that is bright and airy enough, this is one you should view. It was designed by Northeastern Log Homes, which is located in Maine and Massachusetts. They could create a similar design for you as well.

Northeastern Log Homes specialize in log house construction and design. Log home builders have been on the rise because many people enjoy the look of rustic wood homes and feel it can be a complement to earthy landscapes. Log homes also have the reputation of being longer lasting than their brick counterparts. There are log homes dating back hundreds of years in Europe. Northeastern Log Homes will offer methods of extending the life and vibrancy of the wood, too, through their exterior stains. Wood is also very energy efficient regarding both heating and cooling a home. Therefore, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also how much money you are spending each month on heating and air conditioning. Considering all these benefits, Northeastern Log Homes will be able to consult with you to create your dream log home. They grant you the option of introducing your design ideas to their team, or you can start with one of their standard plans and customize it to your tastes.

Jay Forge’s home is featured in photos on the Northeastern Log Homes’ website and gives an excellent view of the quality work and skill of the company. They have photos of even more of their designs that you can look at before making the decision to opt into one of their log home packages. Part of the appeal of Jay’s home, ‘The Harborside’, is that it is so connected with the outdoors. It has tall windows that let in a ton of light, as well as French doors that can be left open if desired. According to Jay, he gets sunlight in his home at all times of the day since there is no shortage of windows. The number of windows will be especially appealing since wood can be dark.

Northeastern Log Homes provide free price estimates to building their luxury log homes, depending on whether you go with a standard or custom log home package. They can be contacted easily by phone or on a contact form on their website. Through this process, they can inform you about pricing, the process of building and designing your home, as well as work with your input in designing the home. Whatever your question, Northeastern Log Homes will be sure to be able to answer them and start you on the way of building your log house, similar to Jay’s bright and airy home.

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