Addicted to LOG HOMES? Check out the VIKING for some inspiration!

Photo Credit: Davidson Log & Timber Artisan, Inc.

This generously sized log home, otherwise known as the Viking, puts other luxury log homes to shame. It consists of four levels including a kitchen, sunroom, dining room and mudroom. This log house even has a sunroom, music room, library, and offices. Davidson Log and Timber Artisans designed this home and will sell their services so they can build your dream home. The exterior of the Viking shows the quality of the work of this custom log home builder. It is covered with stone on the lower portion of the home, has balconies lining the front and a dark shingled roof. The interior is even more impressive. A unique design gives two rooms on each level the shape of an octagon. If you are looking for interesting log houses, the Viking is a must-see.

Davidson Log and Timber Artisans are located in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. The owners, Matt and Allison, have built a reputation for quality handcrafted and interesting homes. They believe in having homes that can stand the test of time, and it has been proven time and time again that log homes do. There are many examples of log homes that have survived centuries in Europe, while still being attractive and beautiful. Matt Davidson is a master craftsman with extensive experience in log house construction and other carpentry efforts. He oversees the companies’ small group of artisans to create stunning log homes across Ontario. They will also accept commissions for building gorgeous log homes in the United States and Europe. They employ a number of traditional log home building techniques, like the Scandinavian scribe, Norwegian dovetail, and timber frame. Besides the companies’ use of traditional building techniques, their work has many signatures. One signature is the traditional buck method of framing windows and doors. Another signature is to use irregularly shaped logs in the designs.

Davidson Log and Timber Artisans don’t have a catalog of specific log house designs, but they have a portfolio on their website where you can view their work. You can also contact the business by phone or email, or request an information package through their handy online form. Of course, if the Viking is any indication, their work is beyond the skills of the average home builder. The buildings are highly detailed, well constructed, interesting to look at, and perfect for relaxing and getting away from the real world. The Viking offers the opportunity to pursue everything you enjoy from books to music and even offers the space to work if you have a business from home. The cozy quality of this home would be excellent for entertaining. The dining room and kitchen are open to each other which allows for large groups to be together in one area of the home. There are several places to sleep people as well.

The Viking designates two rooms as bedrooms, but there are two offices on the top floor that could work for guest rooms as well. Check out the website for more photos of this attractive home.

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