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Adirondack Yurt Kits are wonderful variations of the traditional Yurt that comes from the mountains of Mongolia. Yurts construction describes an ancient way to build a lightweight and portable home. The buildings are entirely round, and doorways often oriented to open south. The buildings were quick to put up because of their shape, comfortable and suited to the nomadic lifestyles of the herders who designed them. This design is at least three thousand years old.

This design has come to the west, and in this case, with a modern twist. The Adirondack Yurt Kit is a home design where the walls lean out at the top, rather than the perfectly cylindrical shape of the original design. The shape is octagonal rather than the fully round shape of the traditional yurts. It is made from wood and looks very natural in its surroundings. The Adirondack yurt kits are custom designed for your specific use, whether that is as a home, a guest area, office, studio, retreat or other use. The furniture can be customized to work perfectly with the structure.

This design is open, airy and light, and can provide you and your family with many years of pleasure. With every yurt, and octagonal window is found at the very center of the roof, providing light. There are multiple finishes available, additional walls, different layouts, exterior options, door choices and plenty to choose from to make your building your own. Of course, various sizes are also available to choose from. It is even possible to have the yurt built for you on your choice of site, and complete with plumbing and electrical to make this home cozy. Check out the website today, and see what size and design is the one you want to build.

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