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Sometimes a simple, small cabin is all you need. Which is why it's great that so many companies offer smaller wood cabins as well as their larger designs. This tiny house design is one of the designs from Rich Portable Cabins, based in Oregon. For customers who would like smaller cabins, they have their line of Camp Cabins. This line of wood cabins includes all of the structural integrity and durability of their other wood cabins but simply in a smaller design. So people can enjoy the same or similar designs in a scaled down version. Most of the tiny house designs are created to be an open concept space with a bathroom making these perfect for that vacation home or a simple extra building on your property. The unit could then be used as a home office, a guest house, a rental or a quiet place to retreat. Another thing that people love about these smaller cabins and smaller homes, in general, is that the prices are also lower. So these small wood cabins are also great for those on a budget. The Camp Cabins from Rich Portable Cabins start at $20,000 and up which is very affordable for a brand new structure.

Park owners also love these cabins because of how affordable they are. They can then provide guests with a relaxing and comfortable space to enjoy a good night's rest as well as other luxuries that aren't offered in other cabin experiences. There is room for a small kitchen with smaller appliances and a bathroom which many rustic style wood cabins don't have. The tiny house design also comes with a small porch on the front of the unit which is always nice to have as well. Inside, there is one room which would act as the kitchen, living area and the bedroom area, much like a studio apartment. It would be nice to have a Murphy bed in the cabin that could fold away, or a futon that could then change into a bed at night but be used as a sofa during the day or when guests come over to visit. Of course, there's also the bathroom within the unit, which is also much nicer than having to go out to use an outhouse which can be the case for many wood cabins. There is no shower, but if it's being used as a summer cabin you could put a solar shower outside, or if it's being used as a home office building all you'll need is a toilet and sink.

These cabins from Rich Portable Cabins are designed with lots of windows and sliding doors to open the space up to the outside, making them feel larger on the inside. The windows also bring in a lot of natural light which is wonderful. All of the wood on the inside really warms the space up giving it a very natural appeal. They can also make these tiny houses for off-grid use by installing inverters and solar panels on the roof or on a pole in the ground so it can swivel to follow the sun. They will also install a composting toilet, water tanks, and holding tanks to make the units off the grid. The builds generally take 8 to 12 weeks to complete, and they have been in the business for over 15 years, so you know you're getting a quality product. If you're interested in having a small cabin, check out this and other designs from Rich Portable Cabins to see if you like any of them for your own cabin or home.***

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