Alabama Style Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

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If you are searching for dinner menu ideas then have a gander at Jackie’s slow cooker recipe. Your family meal planer will welcome the addition of a recipe that can be cooked while you are out working or just working around the house. When it comes to the best family recipes they are almost always usually ones that your family loves and ones that make the cooking and cleaning up easy. If that is the case then you have found a recipe that will quickly make your best family recipes folder. Dinner menu ideas can range from the intricate ones that involve lots of preparation to ones like this one that allows you to add everything to the one pot, slow cooker, and set the timer and do what ever interests you.

The slow cooker is quickly becoming part of your family meal planner. With the rushed lifestyle many of us lead the chance to have the cooking done without you standing over the hot stove will definitely make your life and the ones around you much less stressful. The slow cooker is great when you have meats that need plenty of time to soften them up.

Slow cookers are great at taking tough cuts of meat and slowly breaking them down to soft and delicious offerings. That might not always be the case but with slow cookers you have the choice to buy those types of meat cuts but you are not always confined to them since many sausages are also cooked well when cooked over long periods of slow cooking time. You have some flexibility with slow cooking but like most recipes you make having any food or veggie cook too long can spoil the flavor and most importantly the texture of the final product. Whenever deciding on the vessel you are going to use to cook your meal in never bypass the slow cooker since it allows for ease of cooking and also will not have you washing many different things since it does everything in one place. The convenience afforded to you and the wonderful way all

the flavors can slowly intermingle make this style of cooking a truly beautiful thing.

Jackie suggests that you quick fry or brown the sausage slices first to lock in the flavor which is a great idea when trying to keep the meat tasty and the bits in the bottom of the pan make a wonderful addition to the slow cooker meal. Deglazing the pan with a little wine or broth never hurts and the taste they add are fabulous. As with most recipes feel free to substitute the meat for veggies only or with any other type of sausage or meat you like just remember the recipe is your guide and not your ruler.

Thanks to Jackie of Syrup & Biscuits Blog for this yummy Alabama Style Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice Recipe that brings the south into your house and the slow cooking that you are

looking for. Bon apetit.**

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