All In the Crock Pot Sloppy Joe

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What is it about a Sloppy Joe that makes them so irresistible? Try this All In the Crock Pot Sloppy Joe recipe and see if you and your family can find out why they are just such a delicious way to eat. Is it just the fabulous combination of flavorful meat and sauce on a bun? Or is it because they are always, inevitably, sloppy, and that just means an easy and casual meal with people you care about and want to spend time with? It is really impossible to say, but without exception, whenever Sloppy Joes are prepared in our house, every one finds a reason to stay home, at least long enough to eat!

This recipe is great because it makes everything together in one pot. Let the entire recipe simmer for at least four hours, and even longer. Just be sure you don’t let it cook so long that the meat starts to deteriorate. You can recognize meat that has just been way overcooked, especially if you eat industrial preparations of food. The meat has practically dissolved in to the sauces that hold them. But one half day in the crock pot should make a lovely texture and super flavor for this recipe. Serve it up on slightly stale bread or a really robust bun so that the sauce doesn’t turn the bread into mush. Although you want the sauce to really saturate the bread, you don’t want it to turn the bread in to a sloppy gooshy guck . . . right?

Try this recipe soon if Sloppy Joes have been missing around your house for awhile. They are a super family food, great in both summer and winter, and loved by every one. To round out nutritional needs, serve a great broccoli salad as a side. Perfect.

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