Alligator Jaws Pastry

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Are you looking for a fun and yummy pastry baking recipe? Look no further and check out this Alligator Jaws Pastry. Its definitely possible to get lost in the vast number of recipes on the internet. Just when you type in dessert into a Google search, there are thousands of recipe links that comes up giving you access to some of the best dessert recipes ever. With so many dessert recipes out there, you could spend your entire life trying a new recipe every day and still not make it through all of the recipes. Plus, that would probably get a little unhealthy after awhile any how, right? So it is really fun to pick out some new recipes to try out once in a while that will be enjoyable to try out and that may even become regular favourites in your recipe collection. You can make your very own collection of recipes like this one to make a personal book of the best dessert recipes ever.

When it comes to making desserts there are so many different types that can be made. You have a few different categories to choose from as well. There are cake recipes, cupcake recipes, pudding recipes, jello recipes, cookie recipes, brownie recipes, pie recipes, tart recipes and also dessert square recipes as well. Then of course there is pastry baking which leads us into more categories and types of desserts. There are chocolate croissants, danishes, streusel, turnovers, crepes and more. Pastry baking is very popular in places like France where many pastries were first created and invented. But pastry baking goes back even further actually, to ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek times as people would enjoy filo style pastries all the time. Although it wasn't until the 16th century that pastry baking recipes began to be published. Pastries are much like bread, but the difference is the higher level of fat that has been incorporated which gives the pastry that nice, flaky consistency.

This pastry recipe for Alligator Jaws, is a great cherry dessert recipe that you can try out. The combination of cherry and the light flaky pastry in recipes makes for some of the best dessert recipes ever. This awesome dessert has been popular in the United States in since the mid 1900s, and many people have memories of Alligator Jaws being one of their favourite fun desserts that they had when they were kids. Erica, one of the authors on the fabulous food blog, Family Favorite Recipes, shares that these yummy pastry style treats were her number one favourite when she was a kid. She recalls getting them from a bakery in her home town called Ron and Chris Bakery, which is no longer open any more. Erica was so sad that she couldn't relive eating one of her favourite childhood treats from the bakery, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and try her hand at making them at home.

What are Alligator Jaws though? This cherry dessert recipe consists of two triangular shaped pieces of glazed pastry that is filled with a cherry flavoured buttercream icing. They are called Alligator Jaws because they do resemble the shape of an alligators mouth. Some people even put eyes on the dessert to make it look even more like an alligator, which is so fun. This recipe will take you back to childhood days if you remember eating Alligator Jaws, and make you happy that you came upon this recipe. Thank you so much to Erica from Family Favorite Recipes for sharing this awesome, yummy Alligator Jaws Pastry recipe with us all to try out at home.**

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