Almond and Parmesan Baked Fish

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This low-carb almond and Parmesan baked fish recipe is also gluten-free making it suitable for those on a gluten free diet. The fish used is tilapia, which is a meaty white fish that is hearty enough for main meals. The almond and Parmesan coating adds a savoury crunchiness, which makes the fish extra satisfying. Kalyn, the author of Kalyn’s Kitchen food blog, came up with this tasty tilapia recipe for a healthy dinner that can be suitable for gluten-free diets as well. Although anything with a crisp coating is normally fried, this version isn’t. It is a healthy fish recipe that is baked until golden on both sides, which means it doesn’t absorb as much fat as fried fish recipes would. This version is no less satisfying though, with a homemade tartar sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Consider serving this with a fresh green salad and roasted sweet potato fries for an extra healthy meal.

This fish recipe starts by dipping the fish in melted salted butter. While many are concerned with the fat in butter, there is some doubt lately over whether butter is unhealthy at all. In an already healthy fish dish, the butter promotes some satiety, which will prevent you from snacking later on in the evening. For the almond coating, Kalyn uses ground almond flour, which is ground almonds. If you can’t find almond flour at your grocery store, you can check for it in a bulk food store or grind your own. To grind your flour, simply place whole almonds in a food processor and pulse until fine. In the case of this almond crusted fish recipe, the almond coating doesn’t have to be overly fine, but for something like a macaron recipe, you would want the flour to be extra finely ground.

For this easy meal, Kalyn infuses flavour into the fish by rubbing it with a store-bought fish rub. She recommends using a brand called Szeged, which is a fine blend of paprika, salt, pepper, and lemon juice, as well as other spices. If you can’t find a fish rub, you could always make a blend of spices yourself. Just make sure the spices are incredibly fresh, so you don’t end up with a dusty taste in your fish. Consider blending, onion powder, garlic powder, lemon zest and paprika together for a very savoury blend. As far as easy and delicious dinner recipes go, this tilapia is one of the easiest, because you can bake a large quantity on a single baking sheet. Fried fish recipes are usually required to be fried in batches due to a lack of stove space or having a large enough pan, which makes this baked fish perfect if you want to serve a lot of people.

Although Kalyn’s fish dish uses tilapia, it isn’t always a favourite among people, because it sometimes has an overly fishy taste due to how it is raised. A lot of tilapia that is sold is farmed, and the conditions are very brackish. If another kind of fish is desired, choose something meaty, like cod or halibut. These fish are also very accessible in most grocery stores. Alternatively, choose a kind of white fish that is more sustainable, like Alaskan pollock. The pollock may be smaller, and therefore, you will have to purchase more to complete this fish recipe. Whatever fish you choose, Kalyn’s baking method will produce the tastiest fish you’ve ever had. Thank you to Kalyn, the author of Kalyn’s Kitchen recipe blog, for sharing her low-carb almond and Parmesan baked fish recipe with us.

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