Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

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Look for some homemade granola bars? Thank you to Ashley, author of the ‘Blissful Basil’ recipe blog, for providing us with her gluten-free, vegan, almond butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar recipe. This homemade granola bars uses no butter, oil, or sugar. Instead, almond butter replaces the fat content and coconut sugar acts as the sweetener. Homemade granola bars recipes are the perfect combination of chewy cookie and cake-textured bar, and the texture comes somewhere in between the two. A large amount of sugar is what usually gives a blondie or brownie that fudge-y interior, but it’s good to know that by chilling this gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bar recipe, you can accomplish a similar soft inside.

Vegan and gluten-free eaters often find it difficult to find a truly satisfying treat, but this homemade granola bars fits the bill perfectly. These bars are special because they are a combination of healthy ingredients like rolled oats and oat flour, but they also provide some indulgence from the nutty almond butter and studs of chocolate chips. It’s often a challenge to obtain enjoyment from eating a gluten-free homemade granola bars recipe, especially if you’re not used to the flavour of gluten-free flour blends and mixes, but by using ingredients that most people can understand, this becomes an excellent crossover dessert for even non-vegan eaters or those not used to gluten-free flavours. Who doesn’t love the taste of an oatmeal cookie that’s blended with ooey-gooey chocolate chips or peanut butter smeared on a piece of toast? That’s the kind of profile you have to look forward to when you feast on this homemade granola bars.

For a recipe like these homemade granola bars, coconut sugar and almond butter are not on everyone’s grocery list, but they are becoming easier to find. With the rise of more conscious eaters and an awareness of celiac disease, many grocery stores now have a natural food section that carries specialized gluten-free ingredients. You can even find most of these items at your local bulk food store or order online. If by chance, oat flour is not available anywhere that you shop, it’s very simple to make your own. All oat flour is is ground up oats, so all you have to do is pulse them into flour in your food processor. For a stronger oat flavour in this easy gluten-free homemade granola bar recipe, consider toasting the whole oats, before pulsing into flour, until fragrant and golden brown. This will help the oats stand up to the rich dark chocolate chips and creamy almond butter tremendously.

Many almond butter brands come salted, which helps punch up the flavour of the almonds and this almond butter bar recipe alike. If it happens that you have purchased a no salt added almond butter, just increase the sea salt in the homemade granola bars, which will round out the sweet tastes in your cookie bar recipe nicely. This almond butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar recipe is sure to be a hit with their salty, nutty flavour, and sweet, oozing dark chips. This is just one of many healthy recipes you will find at Blissful Basil blog site. While you are there, you may also want to have a look at their #1Reader Favorite which is the Peanut Butter Cookie recipe and if you like raw, check out the Raw Almond Butter Cookie recipe. This recipe site also has some interesting sandwich recipes and snack recipes.*

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