Almond Nutella Cake

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If you are a lover of Nutella, than this is a recipe for you! This is an awesome recipe for a Almond Nutella Cake Recipe (Dacquoise) that just looks out of this world! This cake is a great one to try if you want to try something new out. If you are tired of the same old cake recipes, this is one that will help you to break out of the dessert rut for sure! This recipe comes to us from Natasha, of Natasha's Kitchen food blog. She says that this cake is full of all of the flavours of her favourite desserts and she thinks anyone who makes it will love it!

This is a very intense cake, there is so much going on, I don't even know where to begin! First of all there is a layer of the almond macaroon, a crunchy layer that soaks up the flavour of the coffee and chocolate. Then there is the frosting layer, which is made with chocolate and coffee extract flavour, so it also kind of tastes like a tiramisu. She says the original recipe calls for grated coffee beans but she couldn't find those, so she had to make do with the coffee extract.

You basically make big macaroon pieces of cookie with the dough made from almond flour, and then bake those, and then you layer on the chocolate spread and a whipped cream topping, and make a big triple decker sandwich with all of the different layers. You basically have 3 layers of cookie, nuttella coffee spread and whipped cream piled on top of each other. The cake then sits in the fridge where the cookie softens and soaks up the flavours of the nutella coffee spread! Sounds divine doesn't it?! Oh and the top is topped off with some chocolate shavings! Craving some yet?! Head over to ' Natasha's Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for the recipe!

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