Amazing 2 Ingredient BBQ Sauce

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So, can a recipe work if it has just two ingredients to it? Well, try out this Amazing 2 Ingredient BBQ Sauce for yourself, and see what you think. It is a simple blend that will depend on very high quality ingredients to be good, since there are only two of them to consider in this recipe. The combination is apple butter and chile sauce, in the right proportions (you can get the full recipe on the web site, and you should, just so you get the blend right). Be sure to choose a top notch chile for this recipe. Since it is a BBQ sauce, you want plenty of tang from the apple, but also good heat from the chile. This blend is probably best used as part of a larger recipe, but it is a good way to make another recipe quicker and easier to come together.

This recipe is easy enough that any one can put it together, so get the kids to blend it up if you are busy making ribs or some thing else to go with it. This sauce is likely good enough to use as is but certainly will improve with a full recipe for BBQ sauce. BBQ sauce is a versatile dish, and there are plenty of recipes to make it from scratch. The basic theme, at least the basic taste theme, is to contrast sweet and sour against one another, with some heat laced throughout the dish. So this two part blend puts together the tangy and the hot, but if you are going to use it without making it a part of a larger recipe, be sure that the chile also brings some heat.

This is a quick and easy blend that can be served with other meats. For example, grilled chicken would taste great served with this dish. Add some mashed potatoes, and green beans, and you have a great combination for dinner. Enjoy this dish soon. It is quick and easy to make, and can last in the fridge a long time. In fact, time in the fridge will very much improve the flavor and make this sauce even more enjoyable. Try it soon.

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