Amazing Crock-Pot Boneless BBQ Chicken Wings

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Thank you to Victoria at the ‘Snail Pace Transformations’ recipe blog for sharing this lip smacking crock-pot boneless BBQ chicken wings recipe with us. As the name suggests, this BBQ chicken wings recipe is boneless and pretty much hassle-free. That means you get to eat some really flavourful and easily the tastiest chicken wings without really doing much of work. Of course, you have to throw the wings in your crock-pot, but that’s exactly what we’re talking about. There is literally only one step to preparing these delicious wings. We call this crock-pot boneless BBQ chicken wings recipe as innovation at its best.

Just throw them in crock-pot with your favourite BBQ sauce and wait until the cooking time is up and voila! You have just made your very own boneless chicken wings in crock-pot. The preparation time takes about three hours. But that’s the beauty of slow cooking isn’t it? The wings come out dripping with sauce, and the meat is so juicy and tender. If you have any leftover sauce, you can use it as a dressing for salads. The recipe calls for a bag of frozen chicken bites and a bottle of BBQ sauce. You can choose the BBQ sauce based on your preference whether you like it hot or sweet. There are a lot of BBQ sauce options available in the market today. If you are looking for healthier options of barbeque sauce then definitely look at the ingredients list and go for the one that is low in sugar and sodium and less processed. Don’t be shy to compare the different labels. One such healthy brand of BBQ sauce is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Sensuous Slathering Sauce. It only has 25 calories, no fat, 5 grams of sugar and 240 milligrams of sodium per serving.

This easy crock-pot boneless BBQ, chicken wings recipe, is going to be a big hit in your family gatherings, especially with kids. Since it is boneless, it is a wonderful option for toddlers as finger food. Choose this as an appetizer when hosting a party. Serve it as a side dish or as a meal on its own. There are no rules to this wonderful crock-pot boneless BBQ chicken wings recipe. It is one of those easy wing recipes that doesn’t take a lot of work yet serves the purpose of making your guests happy. A good tip to use up the entire contents of a BBQ sauce is to use a fork as a lever and gently raise the lid open. Then add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to it and shake the bottle until it’s clean and then pour the entire contents straight onto the chicken wings.

We have to warn you about resisting the temptation of peeking into your crock-pot every ten minutes as the anticipation quotient is rather strong with these wings. This crock-pot boneless BBQ chicken wings recipe, doesn’t need a reason to indulge. That is how much you are going to love them. Try making some today! While you are visiting the Snail Pace Transformation blog be sure to browse through and you will find some thrifty tips and ideas as well as a four ingredient Chocolate Truffle Icing recipe that is great on brownies recipes, cupcake recipes and cake recipes. There is also a crock pot beef stew recipe made with simple ingredients, and bread machine recipes that will make the house smell amazing as they are baking.

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