Amazing Home Baked Baklava

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Baklava is a wonderful Middle Eastern dessert with as many variations as macaroni and cheese dinner. It always includes phyllo dough and is filled with a combination of nuts that usually includes walnuts, and the entire dish is always soaked in some sugar and water combination, but after that, it is fair game. Add what you like, in terms of nuts and filling, and you can have plenty of fun with this dish. Oh—another must do with this dish involves how to cut the pieces. The website, About A Mom, gives a great photo to show how this special dessert should be cut and served.

This Baklava recipe is not difficult to make, but as the blogger mom and daughter team, Laura and Angela, comment, it does take some time to come together. It can be a bit tricky, too, if you are not accustomed to working with phyllo pastry, as well. The phyllo pastry bakes up crispy, flaky and light because they are so thin and fine. As well, each layer is brushed with butter, which helps make it crisp (and yummy). Baklava is a dish that is at least hundreds of years old, possibly older, and it is believed to hearken back to the Ottoman Empire.

Baklava might be an old recipe, but its flavor is always fresh and new. Grate some lemon and orange into the sugar water as well as a teaspoon of vanilla to infuse a fresh flavor throughout this lovely dish, or add just a scant teaspoon of rose water to give it an exotic scent and sensual flavor. Serve baklava warm with extra sugar water set out for those who want it. This is an extraordinary Baklava recipe that makes a fantastic dessert.

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