Amazing Southern Style Carrot Cake

Photo Credit: Amy In The Kitchen

Carrot cake is one of the most well loved cakes it seems to be, try out this great recipe for an Amazing Southern Style Carrot Cake! There is something so appealing about a nice, moist carrot cake, with creamy cream cheese icing on top, or in this case, on the levels throughout the cake. The cake is nice and moist, and always has such a nice flavour of spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, sometimes with raisins mixed in for a little extra touch of sweetness! Then the shredded carrot pairs well with it all, and who would have thought a root vegetable would go so well in a cake!

Carrots have been used in this kind of cake since medieval times, since they are one of the sweetest vegetables, and the cheapest, that grow in abundance, people decided to start using them in cakes as a sweetener. It works well with the spices and does add some sweet to the cake batter too. It has been popular in England for a long time and was voted the most favourite cake of England a few times as well as the most favourite cake of the United States too! So people really love this cake!

This particular carrot cake from Amy in the Kitchen, a food blog, looks just divine, with 3 layers of cake and cream cheese icing! Now that is decadence! Amy says that her kids love to pick their favourite cake for their birthday and she will make it for them, well now that is starting to extend to her friends and her kid's friends, so she was making this for one of their friends this time. But she will take any excuse to make this cake, she says. Ok, you can make one for me anytime Amy! Or maybe I will just have to try it out the recipe for myself! Head over to 'Amy in the Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for more!

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