Amazing Wood Fired Hot Tub Building Guide

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If you have been waiting to figure out how to build a wood-fired hot tub, it is here at last. This is an amazing wood-fired hot tub—build guide that you can follow to create your dream hot tub. If you have been considering a hot tub, this outside tub might be one you want to take a look at before you make your final decision and purchase.

Hot tubs are thousands of years old, involving many different designs and materials. Early hot tubs were heated using hot stones. Hot tubs appeared in the USA only in the 1940s and they have varied in popularity.

Today’s most contemporary hot tubs are complicated creations that can sometimes be almost as big as a swimming pool. In some cases, hot tubs are built next to swimming pools and you can switch back and forth from the cool water to the hot as you desire. The can also include water stream jets that can be wonderfully soothing to sore and tired muscles.

This website also gives great photos and links to contemporary tubs that are perhaps more affordable than some of the tubs you might be considering. These tubs are heated using wood stoves or wood-fired units. This can be cost-effective since so much water is generally required to fill a tub.

On the flip side, it means that your water will likely take longer to heat up. In one example, the website shows a tub that takes as much as three or four hours of wood heating before the water gets really hot. In some cases, cost factors are high enough that this sort of trade off is worth it to you. Only you can decide which features are important enough to pay for, and which you are willing to sacrifice in order to have a hot tub.

This site offers lots of interesting variations on hot tubs from places around the world. If hot tubs interest you, take a few minutes and take a tour.

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