American Made Chicken Coop Shipped Fully Assembled!

Photo Credit: Green Garden Chicken

Chickens are a great addition to any homestead, but they need a house to live in. This American made chicken coop is shipped fully assembled, so you don't have to worry about making a chicken coop yourself. The chicken coop comes from Green Garden Chicken, an All-American business that is all about green living and helping people live sustainable lives. They have been credited with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and the majority of their products are all Made in the US which is nice. Buying American made items is not only environmentally friendly because it cuts down on the resources used for gas and the pollution transportation causes, but it also helps to boost the local economy. Instead of purchasing items from foreign lands, we can support craftsmen in our own country which keeps people employed. Purchasing items that are Made in the US or Canada also ensures labor laws that other countries don't adhere to. Many other countries use slave labour which leaves their employees with next to nothing to live on, and working in extreme conditions with inhumane treatment. When you buy things made in America, you are choosing not to support these practices, and instead you support paying people fairly for the work they do.

The Green Garden Chicken company also sells Amish built log cabins and homes, tiny houses, sheds, barns and more. They also offer free shipping on all off grid systems which gives you some extra encouragement to get the items you need to live and off grid life. They sell solar kits for off grid living, for being tied into the electrical grid, and they also sell wind power kits too. Many people are choosing an off grid life because of the financial freedom it provides, and it is extremely environmentally friendly. Creating a homestead like our grandparents or great grandparents may have done in the past, is becoming a way of life again as people realize how sustainable living in this way is. Some people even create urban farms and homesteads depending on the laws of their city where they have a chicken coop, a garden, and solar power. It's a great way to live in the city and still have a feeling of living a country lifestyle, and it gives you some assurance being self-reliant.

If you are considering having chickens for your own homestead or off grid life, you really do need a chicken coop. Chicken coops will protect your chickens from the elements, keeping them nice and warm and they also keep your chickens safe from any predators. The chicken coops from Green Garden Chicken are very well ventilated too so you don't have to worry about the smells and your chickens will have plenty of fresh air to breathe. It comes with windows that open and close, with screens in them. They also provide a couple of nesting boxes for your hens to lay and care for eggs.

The look of this little chicken coop is also quite stylish and would fit in with any type of decor. You could even stain or paint it the colour of your choice to personalize it and make it match your main home or any other structures. All you would have left to do is create a safe run for your chickens out of some sturdy chicken wire. Make sure you cover the area well so that no predators can come in and attack your chickens. Enjoy having a look at all of the great products that Green Garden Chicken offers. They preassemble all of their chicken coops before delivery too making it super easy on the customer.***

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