Amish Built Tiny House for $40,000 Best Quality Value and Selection

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If you're considering a tiny house for small house living or to be a guest house or office building on your property, it's important to choose the right design and company to build your home. Amish Built Structures LLC has over 20 years of building experience, and all of their houses are 100% Amish built meaning you'll get the most high-quality tiny house built by skilled craftsmen who use traditional building methods. They can build sheds, garages, cabins, horse barns, gazebos and even small house designs now that small house living has become so popular. People love the option of a tiny house on wheels to be more mobile so that they don't have to settle down in one place. They also make a great option for those who want a vacation cabin, but they don't want to visit the same place year after year. While they don't seem to build a lot of tiny houses on wheels, they may be open to the idea of building one. Otherwise, you could also build a small house design on your property. Amish Built Structures is a locally owned and operated company, and they treat their customers like family taking them through every step of the process. They will even come out to your location if needed. They have a ton of great tiny house designs available on their website to choose from and examples of tiny houses they've built already too. So you can search through all of the options and see which would suit your style and needs best.

Whenever you're in the process of designing and building a home of any size, it really helps to gather all of your ideas in one place so that you can communicate with your designer easily about what you want. Gather photos from the web or magazines or go out and take photos on your phone to share with your designer, so they know what type of small house design you're looking for. One of the finished tiny houses from Amish Built Structures goes for $40,000 to start for a 12 foot by 32-foot tiny house. For the 10 foot by 22 foot Heritage Cabin it's a bit more affordable at $8,900, and even more affordable is the 10 foot by 24 foot A-Frame for $7,900. All prices are in USD. They also built two story garages starting at $36 per square foot and two-story homes starting at $45 per square foot. For the two-story horse barns, they would start at about $43 per square foot, and each of the building is built to your specifications. They can be built and insulated for year round living or seasonal use so that you can use it as much as you like.

They mostly serve people in New York including Syracuse, Utica, and Binghamton among others. So if you live outside of their serviced area, you can always use their small house designs as inspiration for your own design. If you don't have your own land a tiny house on wheels would be the best option for you to choose since you could park it in an RV park, a tiny house community or on someone else's land for a fee. A small house whether it's on a trailer or a foundation is a great starter home idea for those who have just purchased a piece of land and who don't have a high budget to build their dream home quite yet. This way you could live in the small house while saving up for your large home. Check out all of the small house designs and more on their website.***

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