Amish Cherry Cobblestone Coffee Cake

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This comforting Amish cherry cobblestone coffee cake recipe will be all you will need for comfort during the cold winter months or any time of year at all. Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, mentions how nice it was to have this dessert on a snow day, and also talks about how good this cake recipe would be for Valentine’s Day with the red contrast of the cherries. For those unfamiliar with an Amish cobblestone cake, it is a very simple set of ingredients that result in a light and fluffy cake. The batter is layered with cherry pie filling and then topped with dollops of more batter so that you can see the fruit even once the cake is baked. This coffee cake recipe goes one step further with a tasty glaze that gets drizzled over the top. Although this cake is delicious for any day of the week, it has the wow factor for serving to guests as well.

This cherry cake is one of the easiest cake recipes because it uses store-bought cherry pie filling, so all you have to make from scratch is the cake batter and the frosting recipe. Like many recipes for baking a cake, this one starts with blending the butter with the sugar until very creamy, light and fluffy, before adding the eggs, flavourings and dry ingredients. Creaming the butter and sugar together at the start is the secret to all great cake baking because it helps those ingredients incorporate into the batter more easily. Melissa uses unsalted butter in this dish, but if you only have salted butter, just eliminate or limit the additional salt in the coffee cake recipe. Although sugar is a crucial component of cake recipes for the taste, it is also important to the structure and texture of a cake providing moistness. Even though you may be tempted to substitute the sugar with a healthier sweetener, be aware that liquid honey or maple syrup may not produce the best results, and granulated sugar may be your best bet to having a fluffy, delicious cake.

The easy frosting recipe is a delicious addition to the top of this cake and is a glaze you can use for other baked goods as well, like cinnamon rolls or Danishes. Powdered sugar is blended with liquid ingredients such as lemon juice, before being drizzled over the cooled cake. Melissa gives the option of mixing the confectioner’s sugar with either lemon juice or milk, which means you can make this cake no matter what you have on hand. The tartness of the lemon juice would pair beautifully with the sweetness of the cake, but milk will work equally well in producing a luscious and loose glaze.

Once you have prepared this cake recipe once, it may become a staple for whenever you need a comforting dessert for your family or guests. The cherry pie filling makes this cake so easy to make, but if you prefer, you could make your own when cherries are in season during the summer. Just combine pitted cherries with a small amount of water and cornstarch in a saucepan, and heat until glossy and saucy looking. You can flavour this with some lemon juice and zest if desired for some added flair. The same can be done to make a blueberry sauce. Spiced sautéed apples would be delicious in this easy cake recipe too; just cook cubed apples with plenty of butter and cinnamon until saucy but still chunky. Thank you to Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, for sharing her Amish cherry cobblestone coffee cake recipe with us.

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