Amish Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours from $21,510

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If you're looking for log cabin kits for sale, this Amish log cabin kit can be yours starting at $21,510. When considering different log cabin designs and kits, you want to be aware of all your options, so doing some research is the best way to find out which log cabin kit will be best for you. Amish Cabin Company is a very high-quality log cabin and home builder. Their company consists of Amish builders who are highly skilled in log cabin building and who build with extreme attention to detail and precision.

All of their log cabin designs meet building codes and are made to last years of use. Their cabin kits for sale are aimed at the hands on builder who wants to do it themselves. They are also very budget friendly and keep in mind their customer's needs. Amish Cabin Company offers a couple of different options when it comes to their log cabin building kits. They offer a Basic package which will build the shell of the home with an open interior to be finished by the client. There is also the Deluxe option which includes the insulation, electrical and they are also furnished. These ones are for people who can afford it, but don't have the time to spend working on it themselves.

The five models to choose from include the Appalachian, Weekend Retreat, Lincoln, Boone, Cumberland, and Olympic T. The Appalachian is their most popular model which includes a nice, covered porch, and dormers for upstairs bedrooms. These log cabin kits for sale come with everything the customer needs to build their own log cabin. All of the logs and screws to build the shell of the cabin will be included, and all of the logs are cut to size and appropriately labeled so that there is ease in assembly.

The windows are also included, as well as the handmade wooden doors, also crafted by Amish craftsmen. Hardwood tongue in groove flooring is also included and easily installed. There is also a whole list of additional options which would bring the cabin building kit up to a deluxe package. You can add on kitchen counters and cabinets, bathroom cabinets, water heater, and solar power options. On their website, they also list the tools you'll need to build one of their cabin kits for sale. You'll need things like hammers, saws, tape measure and ladders. Building your own log cabin could be a great project to work on, and you'll be so proud of the finished result.

You can also have the company build your log cabin building kit for you, and then have it delivered to your building site to be placed on a foundation. They offer free shipping within 200 miles of Elizabethtown, Kentucky and then it's $9 per mile beyond that. Customers can calculate how much it will cost to have their cabin delivered by using the calculator provided on the website. Having your cabin built by the company means that you won't have to worry about weather delays since they build all of their cabins in a protected warehouse shop. Log cabins will always be in style, so if you're thinking of building one, now is a great time to build one so you can enjoy it for your entire life. They last years with proper maintenance too, so they can be passed on to children or grandchildren who are also interested in log home living. Have a look at the Amish Cabin Company website for some log cabin inspiration and see the amazing quality of their hand built, handcrafted log cabins and homes.***

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