Amish Macaroni Salad - An Amish Country fantasy dish

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This quick pasta recipe uses traditional flavors of old-fashioned Amish cooking with ingredients such as carrot, celery, pepper and onion. The simple salad combined with elbow macaroni and creamy dressing, creates an Amish country fantasy dish. For this quick pasta recipe, you'll need elbow macaroni, onion, celery, eggs, red bell pepper, carrot, dill pickle relish, creamy salad dressing, white vinegar, sugar, yellow mustard, salt and celery seed. This simple salad recipe is a good way to add a variety of vegetables into your day. For the full step by step instructions for this quick pasta recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Kitchen Nostalgia site.

When it comes to the eggs that you choose for this simple salad recipe, there are plenty of choices to include vegetarian fed, cage free, omega 3 enriched, free-range, organic, humanely-raised, and pasture-raised. And as much as these all seem like healthy choices, they don’t accurately reflect just how healthy the eggs are. The egg aisle of a grocery store can be a bit overwhelming. To find the healthiest eggs, you must think about finding the healthiest hens, hens that eat what they are biologically designed to eat. Chickens are not vegetarians. Eggs that come from 100 percent vegetarian-fed chickens aren't not necessarily the healthies of eggs. While vegetables are healthy, you would think that these eggs must be the healthiest. The only problem is that the healthiest chickens eat a diet that is omnivorous. Chickens love to munch on green plants, earthworms, wild seeds, and insects. In fact, many chickens prefer insects over eating plants.

The truth about vegetarian-fed chickens. Vegetarian-fed chickens, however, does not mean that the chickens are roaming around an organic vegetable garden oasis. In most cases, the egg companies didn’t change much of anything, but how they label their eggs. For example, an egg carton that is labeled 100 percent vegetarian-fed and cage-free indicate that the chickens were raised indoors in a confined space along with hundreds of other chickens. To give you some perspective, imagine that you are in a subway car during rush hour. Packed with so many people, you have no room to breathe. Now imagine living your life in that subway car, that is similar to cage-free chickens. Now eggs that are free to roam the outdoors and eat all types of plants and insects are the healthiest eggs. Words like pastured, pasture-raised, and free-range on egg cartons seem to reflect this sort of healthy lifestyle, but they do not guarantee that the chickens laying the eggs were raised in this way. In fact, pastured, pasture-raised, and free-range eggs just mean that the chickens had some access to the outdoors, regardless on whether or not it was a mud pit or a luscious green pasture. You might wonder if it really matters if chickens are outdoors. If the are fed a wide variety of plants, seeds, and insects, then you would think they would be healthy. But chickens, just like humans, do not solely rely on diet for their health. Sun exposure matters just as much to chickens as it does to humans. So, this might give you a bit of perspective which eggs you might consider next time you are in the grocery store aisle and trying to choose eggs for your food ideas. Don’t blindly trust the words found on the egg carton. The only way to really know if you have healthy eggs is by finding out just how the chickens are raised. Do your research, and if possible get to know your egg farmer.

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