Angel Food Cake Made Easy!

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Next time you are in search of a great cake recipe try out this super easy angel food cake. This is a self-frosting angel food cake making it one of those easy dessert recipes you can whip up whenever needed. Monica from Lick The Bowl Good shares this great cake recipe with us and she chose to make this cake when she had made a lemon meringue pie and had some egg whites left over. Usually, angel food cake recipes call for more than 6 eggs, but this recipe only called for 6 and was made in a 9-inch pan instead of the typical round pan with the centrepiece in the middle to create a hole in the centre of the cake. This way you can make this more into a snack cake than the decadent dessert it usually is, and it's easier to transport if needed. This cake is also lightly flavoured with vanilla and almond extract giving it a great flavour. She even tops it with some sweetened shredded coconut. While the cake is baking, the coconut sinks into the cake slightly and gets toasted and crispy creating the frosting-like layer on the cake.

Angel food cake is a much lighter and fluffier version of a white sponge cake, but instead of using whole eggs with the white and the yolk, you only use the egg whites. Adding in egg yolks would make it yellow, plus it would also not be as light and fluffy as it is with only egg whites. So what is it about egg whites that creates such a fluffy cake? Well, egg whites contain proteins including ovalbumin, lysozyme, conalbumin, and globulins. The Ovalbumin and globulins create that foam when the egg whites are whisked which creates the light and fluffy texture in angel food cake and meringue. An angel food cake recipe first showed up in The Home Messenger Book of Tested Recipes Second Edition from 1878, by Isabella Stewart. This was the first published recipe for this dessert, and it called for a whopping eleven egg whites. This recipe only calls for six egg whites, so you'll save a lot of eggs using this recipe.

Whenever you're using eggs for dessert recipes or any other recipes, try to get organic free range eggs. These eggs come from happy chickens that are able to roam outside rather than cooped up in cages all day long. This results in healthier eggs without all of the hormones and antibiotics that come in factory farmed eggs. So for this recipe, you'll need the 6 egg whites. The easiest way to separate an egg white from the yolk is to use the shell to pour the yolk back and forth while you allow the white to fall into a bowl below. You can also try a trick where you use an empty and clean plastic bottle to suck the yolks out of the egg whites after you've cracked the egg into a bowl. Try out a few different methods and see what works for you. You'll also need some cream of tartar, salt, sugar, cake flour, vanilla extract, almond extract and flaked coconut. To make the cake batter, simply beat the egg whites until they are foamy. Then you add in the cream of tartar and salt and beat until soft peaks form. Next, slowly add in the sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form. Lightly sprinkle the flour in over the mixture and gently stir in the extracts. Then pour into the pan and sprinkle the coconut over top and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely and then serve up with some whipped topping. Enjoy this and other dessert recipes and cake recipes from Lick The Bowl Good.***

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