Angel Food Cake with Pineapple Whip

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If you have been wondering how to bake a cake and how to make an easy and delicious dessert then you have come to the right place and Emily will gladly walk you through the process. This one of many cake recipes will show you how to make a great angel food cake with a wonderful pineapple whip to go with it. Angel food cake is a light and easy cake to make and it is also lower in calories and fat than normal cakes. You normally make this wonderful cake without the yolks and if you consider the fact of only using egg whites then your doctor would be happy and your cholesterol level will not suffer. If you decide to add other high cholesterol ingredients then you are no better off but if you leave the cake as pristine as possible you can keep the cholesterol level lower. So sit back take this menu and you will be on your way to learning how to bake a cake.

If you consider that this is an easy and delicious dessert then it just might become your go to cake recipe that you will keep going back to and will be happy to pass it along to someone else. Yes cake recipes are great to share not only when they are cooked but they are also great to share with your family and friends. Always try to add any ingredients you might like and if you do then the recipe will become your own personal one. Recipes are made to share and to add your own inspiration to.When you are considering making any cake with fruit whip or with fruit added always remember to try to make them when the fruit you love is in season. Most recipes out there for fruit based items will tend to call for fruits that are in season but even if they are not then don’t fret. You can easily use frozen ones in the stead and they are sometimes even fresher than ones that get

shipped thousands of miles to get to your market. Never believe that frozen fruit or vegetables are not as good as fresh ones.

Quick and delicious recipes for dessert like this one from Emily’s kitchen are great to include in your dessert recipes arsenal since they are great and will not take up too much time in the making. Desserts like this one are a great morning, afternoon or evening snack. Dessert recipes are always welcomed and are great anytime of year.Angel food cake recipes are a better choice than some other cakes since most cake recipes call for eggs and even though eggs taste great they are known to higher cholesterol and it is the yolk that does most of the damage. These types of cakes exclude the yolks and this is a good thing. Thanks to Emily of Family Favorite Recipes Blog for this yummy Angel Food Cake with Pineapple Whip Recipe and bon apetit.**

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