Angel Hair Pasta in Burgundy Garlic Sauce

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This Angel Hair Pasta in Burgundy Garlic Sauce recipe is a quick and delicious way to prepare pasta, much more like the European style, where the best ingredients and then, only a few of them, are sparingly tossed in with the pasta of the day. This Angel Hair Pasta in Burgundy Garlic Sauce recipe provides a lovely combination of flavors that will be rich and delicious without overpowering you with sauce that smothers the pasta itself. In this type of recipe, it is important to ensure that the pasta be of high quality, since it will play a more important role in the overall flavor of this Angel Hair Pasta in Burgundy Garlic Sauce recipe. This angel hair pasta recipe includes sun dried tomatoes, which are a potent way to eat tomatoes. Basically, to make this type of tomato, it is entirely dried out, and in some instances, after it is dried, the tomato is set in to an oil and seasoning liquid. Either way, sun dried tomatoes are extremely potent, and if you use them in your cooking, be sure to cut them up in to smaller pieces, unless you want a very overwhelming flavor of tomato when your guests bite in to an entire and whole sun dried tomato.

This recipe will take only a few minutes for you to pull together when you get home at night. That means this recipe is great for those times when you have neither time nor energy to put together some food that might be more demanding, require more time, or otherwise need more than what you have to bring to the preparation of the meal. In this recipe, the ingredients play a major role in how this dish will turn out for you. So be sure to buy the best quality ingredients that you can afford, especially in terms of the pasta. That pasta will play a leading role in this dish, accentuated by the other ingredients. The burgundy will also be important, so do not skimp there, either. Generally, cook with a wine (or other liquors, too) that is good enough that you would drink it at the table. If the wine is not good enough for you to serve, then it is probably not good enough to cook with, either. And in this recipe, the burgundy will play another leading role in how this pasta turns out. So although the ingredients are few, each one of them is quite important to the outcome.

Enjoy this recipe when you want to put together something that is still simple, quick and easy to make, but is absolutely fabulous to eat. Serve with quality steamed greens on the side. Enjoy it!

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