Another 1 Easy Way to Clean Outdoor Cushions

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Having outdoor furniture means eventually having to clean outdoor furniture and anything exposed to the elements 24/7, you would think, would require an enormous cleaning effort. You would be mistaken, however. Here is 1 easy way to clean outdoor cushions Jessica from Mom 4 Real has shared.

Getting mileage out of outdoor furniture is a necessity because as we all know, it is definitely not cheap and outdoor cushions are certainly up there on the list of expensive replacements. You want your outdoor cushions to be inviting and comfortable, not covered in algae and smelling like a wet golden retriever. For something that basically takes any and all weather and outdoor contaminants head on, all day every day, that might seem like a tall order. Turns out, all you really need iswater? Yes, water. When I read it, I thought soaking a probably already wet pillow in even more water seemed a bit counter-intuitive, but applied the right way, you dont need soap, you dont need detergents, just a common garden appliance. It takes no time at all, you dont have to get dirty, just stand, point and shoot to strip unpleasant surface grime away fast.

With summer fast approaching, making sure that your patio relaxation and entertainment areas are in top shape is a top priority. I like knowing that my friends and family consider my home to be the go to place for fun and relaxation and when the weather is warm, I want to be outside enjoying nature, napping and reading and sipping cold drinks as much as possible. For that to happen, I need a clean, comfortable place to do it.

For a walk-through and in depth look at how Jessica got her outdoor cushions looking like they just came off a showroom floor, follow the link at the bottom of this article to the Mom 4 Real website to learn how to do it.

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