Ant Killing Spray You Will be Amazed

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Ants are a living nightmare - they crawl everywhere, are super tiny, and their presence in your house can be due to something so innocent as some leftover bread crumbs on the floor! Jessica from Mom 4 Real has been through this before, and she did away with these pesky ants with her novel ant killing spray - you will be amazed!

Mom 4 Real is a blog where Jessica shares her innovative ideas and tips on maintaining a happy home on a real-life budget. She is the mother of a happy family, and hence you know that her recipes are delicious, and her solutions are safe, efficient, and effective. And her ant spray is no exception.

Calling it her Homemade Peppermint Ant Spray, Jessica capitalizes on the smell of peppermint as a major repellent for ants. To make the incredibly easy to make but effective spray, have a spray bottle on hand and mix peppermint oil with water. When you go to the website, you will be able to get the exact recipe for this and just where to apply the spray. Peppermint doesnt even kill the ants - it just forces them to back track out of your home. Its like a mosquito spray for ants.

Peppermint is the star of this creative handmade spray, and though it is repelling for ants, it is very beneficial for us. Peppermints extracted oils are used for medicinal purposes. For example, peppermint oils are applied to the skin to treat headache, muscle pain, allergic rashes, and itchiness. They work by warming up the patch where they are applied, which relieves pain underneath. Peppermint oil can also be inhaled, and is used to treat the common cold or coughs. You can also eat peppermint oil pills - they are nowadays sold as dietary supplements.

To learn more about this handmade peppermint ant spray, head over to Mom 4 Real website link below.

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