Ants Do Not Like Flour - This is just ONE use of NINE for FLOUR we have here!

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Flour is an ingredient that can be used for a wide variety of food ideas and recipes. You can use flour to make bread recipes, cake recipes and to help thicken creamy sauces. But what most people don't know is that there are plenty of DIY ideas and projects to do that also use flour, it's one of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your cabinets. You'll want to take a look at the One Good Thing by Jillee site for the list of DIY ideas you can use flour for. The following are just some of the DIY ideas you can use flour for.

1. Repel Ants. If you see some ants around the house, simply sprinkle a line of flour around the area. This diy idea for ants is safe to use around your pets and family, and safe for the environment too. Ants don’t like the taste or the feel of flour, so they will usually try and avoid it if they can.

2. Shine Stainless Steel. After you clean your stainless steel appliances, you can use finish the job off with a bit of flour to make them shine. Just sprinkle some flour onto a clean, dry cloth, and use the flour to help buff the stainless steel to a nice shine.

3. Clean Copper. Use flour as a diy idea mixed with salt, and white vinegar to clean copper. Use equal amounts of flour and salt, along with enough vinegar to help form a paste. Spread the cleaning paste onto a brass or copper surface, and allow the paste to sit until it dries. Then rinse the copper with some warm water, and you'll have shiny copper.

4. Dry Shampoo. When you are in a pinch and don't have time to wash your hair, make up a batch of dry shampoo with some flour, for your hair and help absorb excess oils. To make you’ll want to grab a sieve and sift the flour to get rid of any lumps. By sifting the flour, the flour is easier to apply evenly to your hair, and won’t look quite as clumpy. Apply the sifted flour onto the roots of your hair using a fluffy makeup brush. Let the sifted flour sit for about 30 minutes, then brush or shake out any of the excess flour. It’s best to do this flour step in your bathtub or shower, so you don’t make a mess of your bathroom floor. The flour will help to absorb any oily residue, and your hair will look and feel much cleaner afterwards

5. Cloud Dough. Flour can be used as a fun project to do for the kids. You can use flour and some baby oil to make cloud dough, which is a moldable substance that the kids are sure to love. Just combine about eight cups of flour with about one cup of baby oil. Cloud dough feels similar to flour, but you can mold the cloud dough into whatever shape that you like.

6. Use flour as a DIY idea to help ripen avocados. If you have an unripe avocado that you want to use, you can use some flour to help speed up the ripening process. Place the avocado in a paper bag and then cover the avocado in flour, then place the bag on your countertop for about 24 hours or so. After the wait, your avocado should be ready to use, and perfectly ripe. You will find these DIY ideas for flour on the One Good Thing by Jillee site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, projects to do, recipes, food ideas, natural health remedies, bright ideas, beauty tips and more. **

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