Apple Bread

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The rich brown color of this bread alone will have your kids drooling for the first piece as soon as this apple bread comes out of the oven. This is a great quick bread recipe. A quick bread is made with any combination of baking powder and soda, rather than using yeast for the rise. That means the bread is made up much more quickly and easily. Here, both leavening agents are used to ensure a good rise and a light bread result.

This recipe does a number of things that make it a unique offering among quick breads. It uses two complementary apples to provide a flavor contrast that means both a tart and sweet combination of apple flavor. That is terrific. As well, the apples are used without peeling them, which really bumps up the nutrition and food value in this bread. The apple peel also contributes a firm bite and great texture to the loaf. It uses cardamom, a wonderful spice that is often used in northern European cooking, and its scent and flavor will drive your guests wild when you serve them this great bread. Finally, the recipe uses unsalted butter. It seems a small difference from salted butter, but the salt in salted butter has a big impact in baked goods. Removing it in this recipe means a much sweeter and lighter flavor in the bread.

This is a terrific recipe that is easy to follow and wonderful to make. The smell of baking apples combined with cardamom and the other spices in this recipe will have your family hanging around in the kitchen waiting for you to pull your creation out of the oven. Let them wait. It is worth the time to make it right.

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