Apple Breakfast Cake

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You cannot go wrong with this Apple Breakfast Cake recipe. And for my money, and with any dish that is made with apples, you can really never go wrong. For their super cheap price, their great flavor, and their wonderful versatility, apples are a deal that is not easy to beat. And the ingredients in this apple breakfast cake recipe are terrific. This cake recipe calls for Cortland apples, which are a great choice. You can also use your favorite apple, and many people like Granny smith varieties for pie and cake recipes. You could also use a blend of apples, so if you buy a lot of apples, and have several different varieties that are left over from your grocery purchases this week, use them up in this apple breakfast cake recipe.

This apple cake recipe is a snap to put together, although the apples may take a bit of work if you decide to peel them before you chop them up. You could leave the peel on the apples. This is a good idea and a great practice to get in to the habit of doing whenever you bake or cook with this fruit. That is, in part, because the skin of the apple brings nutritious fiber in to any dish where you do not peel the apple, and that is a part of our daily food plan that is badly neglected. So get in the habit of not peeling the skin of the apple. You will soon start to enjoy the extra tangy taste and more robust texture that apples bring when they are used this way in your family cake recipes.

This apple breakfast cake recipe also includes raisins, a fabulous dried fruit that people seem either to love or hate. It does have a particular texture that can be disconcerting when you first try it, but with a bit of time and repeated tasting, many people learn to enjoy it, in the same way that mushrooms or oysters may take some time to learn to like. But try. They are great. And in this recipe the raisins will add some real sweetness and provide a great contrast in texture and flavor to the walnuts and the apples.

This is a super easy recipe to make, and likely even your young baker in the house could pull it off. Let him or her try, and then learn how to make a great food that can also double as a breakfast. And this dish can. It is loaded with great nutrients and a wide range of them from the walnuts, apples, raisins and other ingredients in this apple breakfast cake recipe. Even the eggs are important nutrient contributors, loading the recipe with protein.

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