Apple Bundles

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This recipe is an easy dessert called Apple Bundles. They are made using a range of commercial ingredients and so make this dessert quick and easy to pull together. It is easy enough even for the beginning baker, so if yours has been asking to do something in the kitchen, here is a great starting place. The recipe uses crescent rolls, which can really speed things up and also ensure a good outcome, for this dish (and plenty of others, too).

Fresh apples, here Granny Smith are recommended, are a wonderful way to give these treats a home made flavor. Apples are often overlooked for their almost magical nutritional qualities in favor of other, sometimes sexier, choices. But the humble apple (rather like the humble potato) is a versatile and nutritional powerhouse of a food that you should get your family to enjoy often. And, when you cook it, as in this recipe, leave the skin on. It bumps up the fiber plenty, and that is one thing most North American diets really lack. Apples have been found to help regular blood sugar because of the phyto nutrients that are found in them. Apples may also play an important role in decreasing food intake. Research has found that when adults ate an apple (medium sized) about 15 minutes before they ate a meal, their consumption dropped about 15 percent, which for the meal size, meant about 60 calories fewer than they took in by eating the apple. So an apple may help you eat less. Apples also contain lots of vitamin C, so eat your apples.

These treats are easy to make, and a beginner can try his or her hand at assembling these treats. Give a hand at chopping the apples to ensure they are even in size for baking purposes, and this dish will be good to go. Try it soon. It could make a great late night snack.

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