Apple Butter BBQ Ribs

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BBQ season is upon us, and everyone has their grills all ramped up and ready to grill up some good, tasty food! Why not try out these amazing looking Apple Butter BBQ Ribs the next time you fire up the grill?! Don't these apple butter ribs just look delicious?! And the sound of apple butter on them makes them sound even better. I bet they would be as good as they look if you were to make them on your own grill. There are different ways to do ribs, but usually people stick with the standard, BBQ sauce ribs with the sauce that is just the perfect sweet and tangy.

This recipe is a little different, with the nice apple butter that sounds like it would be so good... These apple butter ribs are done on a low temperature for a longer period of cooking time on the grill. Which helps to seal in all of the natural juices and make them nice and tender, and that fall off the bone quality that everyone raves about when they have some really awesome ribs. You can also make these in a slow cooker if you wan as well though, just in case you want them in the winter time or something.

The apple butter ribs recipe is very simple as well, and they tell you just how to make this nice sauce yourself. You can purchase it online and have it shipped to you, and the author says that its a really nice treat to have, but you can also make the sauce yourself, with the ingredients she lists in the sauce recipe. You basically marinate the ribs overnight and then cook them the next day, and enjoy! The author also gives the instructions for making them in a slow cooker as well. Try them out! Head over to 'The Midnight Baker' by following the link in the section below!

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