Apple Cake in an Iron Skillet

Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Would you like to make a nice and easy cake that you don't even have to use the oven for? Try this Apple Cake in an Iron Skillet! You probably never thought you could make an apple cake in a skillet did you? Well you totally can, and it's super simple too. You don't even need that many ingredients, and you make it all in a skillet so you are not having to worry about heating up your whole house with the oven being on. The cake is made upside down in a way, you put in the toppings first and then put the cake batter ingredients over top of the toppings.

So what you get is a nice, soft, warm cake with a gooey sugary topping with nice tart apples on top, and don't forget the vanilla ice cream! Wouldn't that just be the best way to use your apples off of the tree or some that you get from a friend or neighbour? Or maybe you can find some local ones at your farmer's market, or you can sometimes go and pick your own from a U Pick place, which is a fun thing to do on a nice warm weekend.

This is a classic recipe that the author found in the 1990s that she saw on a cooking show one day, wrote it down and made it, and loved the cake, but then lost the recipe while in the process of moving and kind of forgot about it, until she randomly found it in a book one day! So she decided yo share it with us! What a great sounding cake, perfect for summer time! These cakes were traditionally called a Dorset Apple Cake or a Somerset Apple Cake or even a Devon Apple Cake, in England, depending on the apples it was made with. Try it out for yourself! Head over to 'The Pioneer Woman' by following the link in the section below for more!

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