Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

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This is a lovely recipe for Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting that results in a flavorful dessert for your dinner table tonight. It is an easy recipe to pull together, baked easily in a pan. You can simply ice and frost it right in the pan, and serve the dessert from there. Easy peasy. As well, the ingredients are great, and will ensure a terrific dessert. This is a dessert that will take little time and less effort but still deliver something delicious tonight.

This recipe is easy enough for a new baker, so let yours try his or her hand at it, if they wish. Help might be required to peel and chop the apples. Choose an apple type that is bright and tangy such as the one the blogger and recipe creator suggests, Granny Smith and Gala. But if you already have apples, try them, and see how they work for your recipe. The apple chunks should also be evenly chopped so that they cook at the same rate. You do not want hard chunks and soft ones as the end result. Using oil rather than butter in this recipe increases the healthiness of the cake, and also means that this cake will be moist—always a good thing.

This cake is topped with a classic cream cheese topping. The tartness of the cream cheese will taste great with the apples and the cinnamon and other seasonings in the cake. Set this cake out on the kitchen counter, if you like, as a snacking cake. It is not too sweet, even with the frosting, and the apples (especially if you leave the peel on) will help to fill tummies in the late afternoon when the rumbles always begin. Try this recipe soon—or let some one in the house try it. Enjoy.

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