Apple Cider Pie

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Apple Cider Pie carries all the fabulous flavor of apple pie with the additional benefit of the bright tanginess that comes from cider. It is a great twist on the traditional pie. Apple pie is fabulous, but also normally unbelievably sweet when made according to traditional methods. Ice cream or whipping cream is almost a must, especially if you serve this cake (which is fabulously delicious). So adding apple cider also adds a bit of sharpness to the flavor, which makes it a bit less sweet than it might otherwise be. As well, this recipe adds the flavor in three places so it underscores and emphasizes the tanginess that is in the pie.

The recipe offers a scratch recipe for the crust. A crust, when made from scratch, is always better than any thing you could buy at the store. So make this one from scratch, especially since you get to add in a few tablespoons of the apple cider in to the crust, thus beginning the layering of flavor that makes this pie so special. The crust is also worked out in a weave on top of the pie. This method is so very pretty, and only takes a few minutes to do. It requires no special tools, just the care and attention of the baker. As well, when you bake a pie this way, the juice of the pie often saturates the weave to some degree, because it bubbles up and over the top, and that results in a wonderful chewy and extra sweet bit on top of the pie. Every one loves it.

The third layering of cider occurs in the apple mixture itself, where the cider is included as one of the ingredients in the recipe. So you have three layers of apple cider that will make the nice brightness of the apple cider shine through, and cut down on the super sweetness of this rich and lovely pie to some degree. Try this recipe soon; you may switch this recipe to your go to for apple pie. Enjoy it soon.

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