Apple Cider Pound Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

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This is a sugar rich cake made in a bundt pan that produces a tangy and sweet result called Apple Cider Pound Cake with Apple Cider Glaze. What is especially nice about this recipe is that it includes the glaze that complements the cake. This is always a nice piece to include. Some times having just the cake recipe can leave you confused about whether to serve it plain or to figure out what sort of frosting, topping or glaze will suit the dessert. Here, the guess work has been taken out of the question. So enjoy this cake.

This recipe makes a big cake. You know that when you see three cups of sugar, six eggs and three cups of flour in the cake. Use the larger size bundt pan to make it, to ensure that the cake cooks evenly, and quickly enough that the outside does not get overly dry or even burn. The addition of cider will add a lovely flavor and tang to this cake. As well, four great spices are added to ensure a deep and peppery finish from the cloves and other seasonings here. This peppery flavor (and minty—cinnamon is actually distantly related to mint and you can recognize the relationship when you put a bit on your tongue). The frosting is made with butter—which always adds great smooth taste—and more seasoning as well as cider. That will make the glaze sharp and tangy and really complement the cake.

This recipe is an easy one to follow with lots of photos to help you along. There are a lot of ingredients, but just be sure you use the larger size bundt pan to make the dessert. It is a wonderful way to bake a cake and creates an elegance that makes it quite presentable to any friends or visitors dropping by. Serve it with hot, strong tea. Yum.

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