Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

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Check out the terrific photos on this web site, Life Love and Sugar, to see just how delicious these cookies look. The photos plus a glance at the recipe will show you just how good as well as nutritious these cookies will be for your family. They are exactly the kind of cookie that you are always happy to leave out on the kitchen counter so the kids can grab a few to tuck in their pockets for snacks later on. These cookies include a lot of really good ingredients.

First, they are made with oats. Oats contain a particular kind of fiber that is particularly good for you, at any age. It keeps cholesterol levels low as well, and although you might not worry about the cholesterol levels of your kids, it is always a good idea to get them started on the best eating habits possible as early as you can. The apples in this recipe are another super food for your kids (and you) to eat. Apples are loaded with vitamins and other nutrients and also help keep blood sugar levels even. Make these cookies with the peel still on the apples and increase the fiber content, too. Cinnamon and cinnamon chips add great flavor to these cookies that really go well with the apple. The smell as these cookies bake will have every one in the family running to eat a few.

These cookies are entirely made from scratch, and as they cook they will send fabulous scents of cinnamon and apple throughout the house. Made with oats, apples, and plenty of other good ingredients, these cookies are ones you can be happy to give the kids as a snack, in their lunch, or whenever they want them. Make some soon. And keep the page book marked.

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