Apple Cinnamon Roll Bubble Up

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This apple cinnamon roll bubble up recipe is a fusion dessert involving the tastes of cinnamon rolls and apple pie. This baked recipe showcases the flavours of those two classic desserts by combining the taste of cinnamon rolls with apple pie filling and a cinnamon roll glaze. Mandy, the author of Mandy’s Recipe Box recipe blog, came up with this comfort dessert when she wanted something that would come together quickly during the holidays. As a result, this dessert recipe requires only two ingredients and minimal assembly before going in the oven. This dessert is so easy; it is something you can pull together on a weeknight or when last-minute guests are stopping by. It is also incredibly simple to assemble, which means you can get your kids involved in the kitchen too.

From now on, whenever quick and easy apple desserts are in demand, remember this cinnamon bun bake recipe, which incorporates the taste of apples in the form of apple pie filling. Apple pie filling eliminates the extra steps of making your apple mixture, which is part of what makes this dessert so convenient to make. Rather than peeling, coring and slicing the apples, you can open a can of apples in a shiny sauce, which makes this one of the best easy apple recipes. If you decide you would rather go the extra mile and prepare this cinnamon roll recipe with fresh apples, though, you could do that too. Simply combine sliced apples with your sweetener of choice, cinnamon, salt, cornstarch and a small amount of water in a saucepot, and bring to a simmer until thick and syrupy. The apples don’t have to cook through in this time since they will finish cooking in the oven while the dessert bakes. Even if you do opt for canned apple pie filling, you may want to doctor the spices a little, since store-bought tends to be lightly spiced. Cinnamon is such a flavorful spice that is used in both savoury and sweet cooking, and it is also healthy as well. The nutritional value of cinnamon includes generous amounts of fibre, iron and calcium, which are all beneficial to a healthy diet. Cinnamon has also been surmised to help maintain even blood sugar levels, lower LDL cholesterol and act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

The next time you have a desire for something sweet, this dessert can be made in under an hour and doesn’t require cooling before eating. In fact, this baked cinnamon dessert recipe will be the best when it is straight out of the oven because the cinnamon bun portion will be soft and cake-like and the apples will be piping hot. This dessert is almost reminiscent bread pudding recipes, which are at their best when directly out of the oven. Just let the mixture cool for five or ten minutes if you want to get cleaner portions out of the baking dish. If this dessert doesn’t get eaten in one sitting, it will be great at room temperature, though, or you can warm it up slightly in the microwave.

Once you have made this dessert several times, consider getting creative with the ingredient list. If you love caramel dessert recipes, this dessert can become a caramel apple version by swapping out the cinnamon roll sauce drizzle for caramel sauce. Alternatively, try stirring in some chocolate or butterscotch chips for additional melty goodness. Whatever you do, this cinnamon roll recipe will be a hit with anyone you serve it to. Thank you to Mandy, the author of Mandy’s Recipe Box recipe blog, for sharing her apple cinnamon roll bubble up recipe with us.

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