Apple Cream Bars

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This Apple Cream Bars recipe is a great one that you and the kids as well as the rest of the family will enjoy on any night or day of the week that you choose to make it on. This is a standard apple crisp recipe that is called an apple cream bars recipe just for fun. It includes an interesting spice, all spice, that is a complex of scents that is really great and makes this dessert all the more interesting and delicious. The cream bars recipe is made in three parts, although since two of the parts are the same, you might argue that this apple cream bars recipe really has only two steps to make it. In any event, the base layer and the top crumble are made as one step.

The base layer contains lots of good ingredients beginning with lots of oats. Oats are a terrific food providing loads of fiber, a component that most of us do not get enough of in our daily food plan. As well, oats can help to lower cholesterol levels in a very short time, even after you have been tested and shown to have high cholesterol. So oats are a good food to add wherever you can for their great nutrition and the fiber that they add in to your daily food plan. Pecans are also a part of this recipe. Pecans are a tasty and delicious nut that are also pretty pricey, but worth the cost for the benefits they can provide us. They are nutritional powerhouses, that is for sure. Pecans contain loads of good fats that we need to support our hearts and good health. As well, they have lots of protein, which we all need to maintain our strength and to build strong muscles. Pecans are also loaded with vitamins and minerals, and especially minerals. These minerals include calcium and magnesium as well as phosphorous. People who eat nuts and seeds like pecans on a regular basis tend to take in a lot more of these vitamins and minerals than the average person. So eat your nuts. Pecans also taste delicious, adding a delicate sweetness and light and buttery flavor to this dish.

For this apple cream bars recipe, you put part of the base layer in to the pan and bake it for a bit of time. Then you remove the base layer from the oven and pour the apple blend mixture over top. The part of the base layer that you reserve and do not use on the bottom is then crumbled over the apple mixture. Return the whole thing to the oven, and in short order, you have apple cream bars.

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