Apple Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry

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This easy Apple Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry recipe will make your Saturday and Sunday morning a breeze if you are making something to eat for everyone at your house. Pre-packaged ingredients make this apple cream cheese breakfast pastry recipe come together quickly and easily. Just roll out the pastry, spread on the cream cheese and apple pastry and bake. That is pretty much it for this apple cream cheese breakfast pastry recipe. You could also drizzle some commercial frosting on top of the pastry recipe if you have it, or just make a thin drizzle frosting made with icing sugar and milk. It is so easy to make any amateur baker can try his or her hand at this, so why not turn over the keys to the kitchen to someone in the mood to cook in your house. Then you can put up your feet, watch your favorite show on the television, and enjoy the fragrant smells of your young baker as she or he makes this lovely pastry recipe.

This recipe is listed as a breakfast pastry recipe, but you could serve this little dessert just about any time of the day. It is not overly sweet, and it is filled with fruit. That pretty much means it will work for breakfast, of course, but also, serve it for lunch. In fact, with some cottage cheese on the side or some yogurt, it could be lunch. And, when you see how the pastry is shaped in the photos on the site, Yummy Healthy Easy, you will see that it is pretty enough and elegant enough to be served for dinner, or even in the late afternoon if you have friends coming over for a cup of tea (or two or three). So this little dish can serve multiple purposes.

Be sure to serve this apple cream cheese breakfast pastry while it is very fresh. This particular type of dough does not keep well, at all, so eat it while it is still warm, or at least within a few hours of coming out of the oven. That way, you will enjoy the best flavor that is possible. This combination of pastry dough, fruit filling and cream cheese is a really delicious one. Apples can bring big flavor, great texture, and even good nutrition. Cream cheese brings a nice tang to complement the apple filling as well as providing some protein, and vitamins and minerals. There is quite a bit of sugar and fat in this recipe so go easy on the size of the servings that you dish out, and be wary of second helpings. Kids can afford them, but we need to make smaller (and wiser) choices.

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