Apple Cream Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust

Photo Credit: Mrs Happy Homemaker

This is a lovely and somewhat labor-intensive Apple Cream Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust that makes the job a bit easier by using a commercial crust. The crust is uniquely shaped using a jellyroll approach where cinnamon sugar is captured in the roll. The roll is then cut quite thinly and placed on top of the pie. This makes the prettiest design that you might imagine on the pie.

This is a special recipe that you might want to take your time making. It does start with a commercial pie dough, but you could probably make your own. Personally, I would make my own, since a homemade crust is always better than any thing you could buy commercially, and it does not take too much more time. Set aside the afternoon and just enjoy the entire process of making this rich and flavorful apple pie. This is also one pie recipe where peeling the apples might make more sense than leaving the skins on. Although the apple peel adds tremendous flavor and fiber, in some recipes that texture just does not fit in. Instead, as you peel the apples, give them to the kids to eat. When I was a kid watching my older sister miraculously peel, in one go, an entire apple, I was always there to eat the peel (and to admire her astonishing culinary skill).

This is a great recipe that you might want to spend some time on, so be sure to set enough time in the day to go slowly and get it right. A commercial crust will go quicker, but a home made one will taste much better. You decide which way you prefer to proceed, and then enjoy making this lovely Apple Cream Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust.

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