Apple Crumb Cakes

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Try these pretty little individual Apple Crumb Cakes soon. They are a delicate and attractive, and really sophisticated way to serve dessert. Each cake is individually baked, and then set on a plate to serve. This method is a lovely way to serve a dessert. And the recipe is really quite simple.

This cake is made with great ingredients, especially chopped apples. The recipe calls to peel the apples and chop them (they use Granny Smith) but feel free to keep the unpeeled. That way the nutrition in the apples really goes up, especially in terms of the amount of fiber the apples provide through the skins. Apples are an unsung fruit, a bit like potatoes are an often under appreciated vegetable. But apples are a terrific fruit. They can be eaten in so many ways, whether raw or cooked. And they pair with plenty of other fruit. Apples have a wonderful (if curious) way of having their flavor, as robust as it is, give way to other fruits. So you can use apples with expensive fruit, and the apple flavor rarely overwhelms the other fruit. Yet, on their own, apples are a delicious and deeply flavorful fruit.

This recipe includes a streusel, which is a crumbly, lightly sweet and crunchy topping. A streusel usually includes butter, flour and sugar, but can become quite elaborate in its own right, too. Streusel is often used instead of an icing over cakes, breads and even muffins and small cakes, and it is traditionally much less sweet than an icing. A glaze can often also be lightly drizzled over the streusel. Here, if you wanted to make one, a glaze made with apple cider would beautifully complement this dish. This dessert is also cooked in individually in tins, a great idea. The cakes look really terrific sitting out and ready to gobble up. Try them soon.

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