Apple Crumble Cheesecake

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Fall doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins. Try apple desserts for a change like for instance; this delicious Apple Crumble Cheesecake recipe will have you fall in love with apples in a new way. This apple cheesecake recipe uses fresh apples and old-fashioned rolled oats to make the most decadent apple crisp topping you’ll ever remember. The cheesecake crust is beautifully infused with cinnamon powder and brown sugar to sweeten it in a simple digestive biscuit crust until you achieve buttery crust underneath. Four delicious layers of crust, cheesecake filling, cooked apples and crumble mixture make the most special apple cheesecake ever. This recipe belongs to special occasions because it deserves the luxury of praise. Alternately, you can also make a streusel topping for this type of a dessert which is a traditional norm for apple cakes. But the apple crumble topping is a wonderful option as well. Easy apple recipes are also a great option to make during the apple season or for Thanksgiving as opposed to a traditional chocolate dessert. It is a perfect dessert for a large gathering or family mealtime using fresh apples. Cheesecake also normally gains flavor as it ages so that you can make this cake a day or two prior and any leftovers are great as well if stored well in the refrigerator. There are so many cake recipes on how to bake a cheesecake, but this recipe is fool-proof and also comes together using simple ingredients.

In case you’ve wondered how to make a smooth cheesecake that is lump-free, remember always to use cream cheese that has been at room temperature. A stone-cold block of cream cheese straight out of a fridge does not mix well with other ingredients and usually leaves you feeling frustrated because of the lumps that form in the mixture. Remember to always adjust the oven temperature according to your oven type as cheesecakes tend to harden and dry out if the oven temperature is too hot. It is always a great idea to cover the top loosely with foil to avoid overbaking the cheesecake. Lastly, always ensure to seal your springform tight enough to hold the batter together. The last thing you want is a disaster inside your oven when you cheesecake just falls apart leaving a mess. It’s always practical to spend your money on good quality springform pan for this purpose.

Apples are full of essential nutrients like vitamin B6, and C. They are high in dietary fiber and with no saturated fats or cholesterol. It is hard not to bake with apples considering the several health benefits that come from the nutrition in apples. The nutrition in apples is the best motivation to use apples for baking quick and easy apple desserts. When you bake recipes with apples, it’s best to stick to using fresh apples as opposed to the canned ones because of the unwanted preservatives present in canned ones. Also, you’ll notice the difference in taste and flavor when you use fresh apples. Plus, there is something very satisfying about prepping and waiting with all the sweet anticipation of biting into the best apple cheesecake recipe. Sure, it takes extra effort to peel and prep them, but it is a healthy practice.

Thank you to Tom the author of Twisted food blog for sharing this Best Apple Crumble Cheesecake recipe with us. Do visit the Twisted for more quick and easy apple desserts or other fun and easy baking recipes. This apple cheesecake recipe is so luscious for more helpings if you love the combination of apples with a cheesecake. Enjoy!

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